Personal loans without payroll

Resorting to personal loans without a payroll can be the solution if you need money and you do not have a job. Today there is a wide range on the Internet despite the fact that banks still do not give credit with the same joy that years ago. And maybe you wonder, why are there entities that give loans online while banks do not?

Personal loans without payroll

Personal loans without payroll

The reason is very simple, although there are also banks such as Cashue, FCIA, or Bankate that give personal loans online. What is very difficult is to get it when you are without a payroll.

Banks have much more rigorous risk policies than other types of private companies. So they do not usually give credit if they are not a solvent customer. The problem is that with a unemployment rate as high as the current many people need funding but is without a payroll by not having a job or even temporary.

So many people without work need to resort to loans without payroll. And most of the companies that give this type of financing are online, that is, through the Internet. By not having office expenses as banks have less expenses and therefore can assume a greater risk of default by their customers. Keep in mind that asking for a loan without a payroll supposes a greater risk for the lender for a simple reason: without a payroll there is no income to face the payment of the debt and the corresponding interest.

But online personal loans also have other advantages such as the fact that they are quicker to grant than bank loans that are made through the offices of banks such as Bankia. That is why people who are without a payroll and therefore already know that it will be more difficult for them to obtain financing, resort to online loans.

Because they know they can get an immediate response and that unlike bank loans in online loans can apply for financing 24 hours a day to solve unforeseen events that force you to get money already, without waiting.

So if you want to get loans online without a payroll you will have to look for alternatives that make your application more solvent. For example, adding a personal guarantee, that is to say an individual or company that acts as a guarantor and therefore, in case you can not assume the payment of the personal loan, take charge of the payment of the monthly installments. It is the most common solution when you ask for a credit without a payroll.

The other option for cases is that the financing amounts exceed 30000 or 50000 euros is to provide a guarantee in the form of a mortgage. In other words, the payment of the online loan is guaranteed not by the guarantor’s ability to pay but by the value of a property, usually the home. This is what is known as a personal mortgage loan. And they are more complex credit operations for several reasons: first because the amount is high and therefore it is difficult to get a loan without payroll of that amount of money, second because the lender has to value very well the value of the home and for it has to resort to the appraisal of a technician. Still having guarantees it is difficult to obtain a loan of more than 20,000 euros without a salary, because after all you need to have some kind of income to be able to assume the payment of the debt plus the corresponding interest.

And by risk policy is not usually accepted a loan without high payroll although the guarantee is very good. Because in that case the default will occur and the mortgage will have to be executed, which entails costs and risks for the lender. So if you need fast loans online without a payroll the best advice is to ask for it in the name of two people, that is to say having two holders when applying for the credit, so one’s income can compensate for the fact that the other is without a payroll for lack of work. In this way you can ask for more than 2000 euros or even 5000 euros without having to request endorsements. Otherwise, that is to say that you are going to request the loan online without anyone else and that you are unemployed, the best solution is the mini online loans without payroll.

Because being credits with small amounts of money, usually less than 500 or 300 euros although the most frequent operations are between 100 and 200 euros. The entity that grants the financing can give you an online loan without a payroll. Since it can grant many, and therefore diversifies the risk of default of its customers. However, loans without payroll usually charge higher interest rates than those applications for online loans with payroll. That greater interest is to compensate the greater risk that is assumed to grant credit to a person who does not have income to face the payment of the return of the borrowed money.

If you need money, do not hesitate to consult the SMS Credits comparator where you can find fast online loans with payroll or without payroll. We have hundreds of offers of websites of banks and credit entities, so you can do a search and in a matter of minutes find the financing you need.

Personal loans online without payroll or endorsement

Personal loans online without payroll or endorsement

As you saw before it is not easy to get personal loans online without payroll or endorsement, but nevertheless they are easier to obtain than without payroll and with asf. That is, being within the most famous list of Spain in terms of defaults of companies and individuals. Because it is one thing to have no income to be able to pay off the credit debt plus the corresponding interest. And another thing is to have a history of defaults that makes the lender think that he will not recover the borrowed money.

In the first case it is easy to obtain financing even of high amounts, more than 3000 or 5000 euros, providing endorsement. Or even more than 15,000 euros if a mortgage guarantee is provided, normally on the home. But when the applicant asks for a loan without payroll or endorsement the thing is complicated, since the amounts are lower while the guarantees that must be provided are greater. In this situation, the best financial solution is mini-loans or personal micro-loans. Since the companies that grant them usually assume greater risks and therefore are willing to finance online loans without payroll or guarantee. The amounts of money from this type of financing are very small, usually around 300 euros. So they are fast loans, online, and without paperwork since being without payroll or endorsement there is nothing to study. Simply the companies that grant them count on that a good part of the granted applications will end up being unpaid.

But as they grant very little money for each operation and the interests are usually very high, given the high risk of the operation to be granted without payroll and without endorsement, in the end they obtain benefits to continue granting credits. However, this type of financing through mini loans without online payroll usually has shorter terms than when there is a guarantee and a fixed payroll. But given the circumstances, the important thing is to be able to have quick loans without paperwork in order to obtain money urgently to face unforeseen events.

Whatever your situation is, if you are looking for the best loans without payroll or endorsement online, we advise you to use the quick and easy SMS Credit Comparator. In just a few minutes and with just entering some basic data you can get a complete list of the best personal loans online completely free and secure.

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