Mini Credits

Mini credits instantly without online paperwork

Mini credits instantly

Mini credits instantly

The mini credits have arrived in Spain, coming from the north of Europe, in the form of what we now know as consumer credit. Despite incorporating the word “mini” in their name, they constitute a service through which a consumer can acquire sums of money of up to 600 or 700 euros, in certain cases. These services are carried out by credit institutions, which are non-banking financial entities, which sell the money and lend it to the interested client in exchange for the latter’s commitment to return it within a certain period of time, and with the added price. of interests.

The secret of the success of this new species of financial institution and, in particular, the reason why mini-credits succeed in particular is simple. In the Baltic countries, especially, they realized that granting credit was also an effective way to capture liquidity. Meanwhile, in Spain, the banks continued to concentrate on this direct benefit, which is to obtain direct cash from customers through the war of direct debits, savings accounts and payroll. What the mini credits contributed when they landed in Spain was an alternative that soon became a leader and as main as all the previous strategies. It was a somewhat more indirect and effective process in the medium term – payrolls and notebooks meant a tempting shortcut for banks – but it also turned out to be a sharp and appetizing hook for customers. The financial entities, surprised by the attraction caused by the mini credits to their clients, decided to exploit said product, since even if it involved a path of something more than travel until the acquisition of liquid, it meant less effort to attract customers and, in turn, they could justify their commercialization after the idea of ​​generosity for helping people get out of an economic hurry.

A fundamental part of its appeal lies in the very nature of the product and in the application process: it is a remote service in which one part and another interact impersonally by telephone, instant messaging or by email. This makes mini-credits and any service provided by the lender available every day of the year at any time. It also prevents the client from having to worry about finding a free space to go to the branch, since it will always be open on his computer. In addition, the application procedure is easy and fast, does not require documentation to send; and the answer is usually immediate. Then, if approved, the client has his money always the same day of the approval.

Another factor that sweetens this candy even more is that, even working with debtors or debtors – people registered in delinquency lists as RAI or FCIA can also apply for the mini credit and obtain it in some entities – and be permissive with the other non-debtors, the percentage of concession is notably higher than that of traditional bank loans.



  • You can request 100% online without problems
  • Instant mini credits in a matter of minutes
  • Mini loans through urgent transfers and without endorsement
  • Mini credits instantly even if the lender contracts debts
  • Instant, flexible, no-commission and personalized mini loans



  • The borrower can not reside in a country other than Spain
  • You must have a Spanish bank account, with income and liquidity
  • Have at least 18 or 25 years to apply for a mini credit
  • Do not keep debts with third parties or appear in files of defaulters
  • Have valid email, phone number and ID

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

1. Do all requests for mini credits instantly work through the internet?

The general conditions for hiring a mini loan are instantly imposed by the company that is behind, so we have to see in a concrete way the requirements that require us to hire a loan instantly. However, the most common procedure among this type of companies is to offer their services through web platforms where we can find all the necessary information, as well as through telephone assistance with agents who will be in charge of advising us in the hiring of the loan. instant.

2. How can I send the application for a mini credit instantly?

As we mentioned in the previous question, the vast majority of companies that are dedicated to mini credits are used to operating on the Internet (online), so that to send credit applications we will need to have access to the network. and complete a series of forms with personal information. However, there are also companies that can manage our requests over the phone, so we do not need to have access to the internet, just to a telephone line.

3. Can I have more than one active mini credit at a time?

No, the companies that dedicate themselves to small personal instant loans monitor the profile of their clients with a magnifying glass, so that whenever we want to request a new loan, we must have made sure that we have paid in full our previous credit.

4. Could I apply for a mini credit instantly on behalf of another person in my family?

No, to avoid fraud, mini-credit companies are in charge of monitoring this type of operations very closely. So that we can only request a credit instantly in our name, being the sole owner of the operation.

5. What happens if the day I have to return the mini credit is a holiday?

This circumstance only delays us one day in the payment of our debt, that is, we will not have to pay a surcharge in the total loan while we make the return of the credit the day immediately after the holiday. The recovery is done completely automatically, so the only thing we will have to worry about is having enough money in our bank account to be able to return the total amount agreed upon.

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